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Youths Can Fish 2 is more than just fishing; we provide needy youth with the opportunity to attend summer camp to learn fishing, conservation, survival skills, and Canadian studies.

Our Mission

What Exactly is Youths Can Fish 2? 

We run unique summer camp programs for underprivileged youth.

Formed in 2003, with the first camp kicking off in 2004, Youths Can Fish 2 is dedicated to providing the best experiences to youth and the help we have received from the community has been fantastic. Needy youths and volunteers of this charity are thankful for the support from the community that has allowed us to create amazing camping opportunities for the kids of Youths Can Fish 2!

“Our youth camp is committed to small class sizes, high staff/youth ratio, a safe and fun-filled environment, and up-to-date learning resources. We exist to help less privileged youth cast their dreams and to provide the best possible learning environment.”

The Youths Can Fish 2 Team

We Help Youth Cast Their Dreams!

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